Firm History

Law Office of Shirley Sadjadi“My parents immigrated to the United States from Iran nine months before I was born, penniless and with limited English skills.  I take pride in the fact that my success is the direct result of the hard work of my immigrant parents, who came to the U.S. in pursuit of the American dream.  One generation after my parents arrived in this country, I graduated from college, attended law school, and built a successful law practice representing people quite similar to my parents.  I love what I do and have a great respect for my clients.

Because of my personal background, I am intimately familiar with the positive impact immigrants have on the U.S. – both economic and cultural.  I feel quite fortunate to be in a position now to assist immigrants from all over the world to achieve their dreams.  I grew up surrounded by immigrants and have tremendous respect for their unfailing spirit and strong work ethic.    I also have lived and worked in Mexico, Bolivia and Spain.

iranian_artwork_0029_200My personal background led me to develop a firm where our clients feel comfortable and know we are accessible for their immigration needs.  One of my primary goals, besides offering the best legal representation possible, is to make sure that every client is treated with the respect they richly deserve.